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Firefighter, Policeman Home from Deployment

Firefighter, Policeman Home from Deployment

Patrolman Anthony Dicarol, left, meets up with Firefighter/Paramedic Timothy Vamosi in Germany after their deployment on their way home to the United States. [Used with permission from The Easton Journal]

Printed with permission by Paula Vogler, The Easton Journal

March 26, 2010

EASTON — Police Patrolmen Anthony Dicarlo and Andrew Salisbury and Firefighter/Paramedic Timothy Vamosi returned from deployments in the Middle East and back on the job last month in their roles as public servants for the town of Easton.

Salisbury is a Corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves and spent his second deployment as a military police officer in Iraq providing security to convoys and others requesting it.

He said he was fortunate that his deployment was just two months long the second time around and he returned in December.

“It’s definitely a bonus when you get to go home unexpectedly,” Salisbury said.

Dicarlo and Vamosi are both in the Coast Guard Reserves and actually got to know each other about a year before they left. The two found themselves on the same patrol boat in Kuwait for one month of their deployment.

“It was great to have someone to swap hometown stories and news with,” Vamosi said.

Vamosi is a Boatswains Mate, Second Class, and spent his deployment on a Transportable Port Security Boat (TPSB) in Kuwait for eight months.

“Our unit’s job was to provide port security and anti-terrorism force protection while patrolling critical ports in our area and providing waterborne security for highly valued assets,” Vamosi said. “As the coxswain I was responsible for the patrols, patrol boat and crew.”

Dicarlo is a Maritime Enforcement Specialist, Second Class, and spent his second deployment on a TPSB patrolling security zones for a Kuwait naval base and the port of Shueva.

“We would escort ships into port and provide security until they got out,” Dicarlo said.

Salisbury said while the men he was with received many packages addressed generically to servicemen overseas, not many received packages from their hometown.

He said he received packages from Easton’s elementary schools, including some from teachers he had many years ago. There were packages from St. Mark’s Support Our Troops group as well as from the American Legion and the VFW.

“Between my first deployment and this one the townspeople have been very supportive,” Salisbury said.

Dicarlo said he also received many packages from groups in Easton that were very appreciated. Cookies and cards came from the Girl Scouts and packages, toiletries and other items came from the police department, St. Mark’s Support Our Troops group and the American Legion.

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