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Yellow Ambulances are Coming to Town

Yellow Ambulances are Coming to Town

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March 24, 2010

FERNLEY, NV—This Thursday, residents will start seeing yellow ambulances operated by North Lyon County Fire Protection District.

The District was awarded the ambulance franchise by the Fernley City Council in September of 2009.

While obtaining the licenses and permits, service has been provided via a mutual aid agreement between Central Lyon County Fire Protection District, and fire districts in Storey and Churchill Counties.

Why yellow? According to Acting District Chief Huntley, the District was able to purchase three yellow ambulances from Carson City, “We got an incredibly good deal and we are grateful to Carson City for enabling us to get started at a reasonable price. As we are just starting the service, there is no money in the budget for paint jobs, so they will stay yellow until they are replaced.”

In the past Fernley has had one ambulance staffed and ready to go, with a second ambulance on standby part of the time. Fernley will now have two ambulances fully staffed and ready to go at all times.

In the event one of the ambulances has to leave the area to transport a patient to the hospital, the ambulance service will still be able to rely on neighboring agencies through mutual aid agreements. This will greatly enhance the service and safety the fire district will be able to provide for the citizens in Fernley.

Too often in the past multiple calls have come in within a very short period of time and one ambulance was not enough. While the Fire District has always provided as much assistance to the ambulance service as possible, our budget only allows for bare minimum staffing and a few times the District have been stretched too thin.

Currently the ambulance service’s goal is to be self-sufficient financially and projections indicate this will continue.

The District’s ambulance service is looking forward to providing better and safer service to the residents of Fernley with our yellow ambulances.

“¢Saver Program: Residents can also sign up for the North Lyon Saver Ambulance Program which protects families for expensive ambulance fees during a medical emergency.

The Saver Program covers all non-reimbursed expenses for emergency ground ambulance transportation to area hospitals. The annual fee for a single person is $50 and for a household of two or more persons the annual fee is $65.