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Texas Fire Chief's Departure a "Great Loss"

Texas Fire Chief's Departure a "Great Loss"

Arlington Fire Chief Robin Paulsgrove will retire to Mexico after 13 years as the city's top firefighter. [Arlington Fire Department]

Fort Worth Star Telegram via YellowBrix

March 16, 2010

ARLINGTON — Chief Robin Paulsgrove announced Monday that he’ll retire in May after 13 years as Arlington’s top firefighter.

City leaders credit Paulsgrove’s leadership for enhanced firefighter training, emergency preparedness and public education initiatives that have created a safer Arlington for residents and visitors.

Paulsgrove has played a key role in public safety planning for Arlington’s growing entertainment district, where Super Bowl XLV will be held at Cowboys Stadium in less than a year. Other accomplishments during Paulsgrove’s tenure include overseeing the creation of Arlington’s first bomb squad and requiring EMT-intermediate certification for all firefighters, training that prepares the first responders to administer medicine and potentially life-saving treatment until paramedics arrive.

Paulsgrove’s departure will be “a huge loss to the city,” Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said. “He has a great relationship with his firefighters. He’s turned the Fire Department around where it’s a proud organization, highly trained and extremely effective.”

Paulsgrove, 55, said he will stay with the department through the end of May and help the staff through the transition. Assistant Fire Chief Don Crowson will become interim chief during the search for Paulsgrove’s replacement, which could be announced by June, city officials said.

Paulsgrove’s career as a firefighter spanned 35 years, including 22 years at the Austin Fire Department, where he was chief before moving to Arlington.

“The thing I have focused on most during my career, both in Austin and Arlington, has been championing firefighter safety,” Paulsgrove said. “I have done everything I can do in terms of training, equipment, safety policies and accountability to make sure that every firefighter returned home after their shift.”

Paulsgrove, who is also Arlington’s director of emergency management, helped the city become better prepared not only for pandemics, such as the H1N1 virus, but for possible terrorist attacks. He has been part of the team that has guided management and planning of homeland security to address threats in the entertainment district, including developing a public safety plan for Cowboys Stadium.

Neither Cluck nor Paulsgrove said they have qualms about having a new fire chief leading up to the Super Bowl in February.

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