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7-Year-Old Dials 9-1-1, Saves Family from Attack

7-Year-Old Dials 9-1-1, Saves Family from Attack

Carlos, a 7-year-old boy who called 911 during a home invasion robbery as armed robbers threatened his parents poses with the dispatcher, Monique Patino, who took his call at the Los Angeles County Sheriff\'s dispatch center, Wednesday March 10, 2010 in N

Associated Press

March 11, 2010

Detectives were trying to determine the motive for the break-in. Capt. Patrick Maxwell said the 6-year-old girl had left the front door open after running to the family’s car to grab her lunch box. The assailants burst in soon after.

“We don’t know if it was random, we don’t know if it was targeted,” Maxwell said.

Carlos’ parents declined to appear at the news conference and were “still pretty traumatized” by events, Maxwell said.

In the 911 call, Carlos sounds frightened but keeps his composure and explains what is happening.

“Come really fast, please, please,” he said. “They come, they ring the door and they have guns.”

At the news conference, Patino said she was emotionally affected by the call, especially not immediately knowing what the outcome was.

“I had to take a walk and shake it off a little bit,” she said.

Deputies were on scene within three minutes, but the assailants had escaped in a green or gray two-door compact car, Jensen said.

“When one of the cops cars came, they just ran,” Carlos told reporters.

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