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Fire Chief Suffers "Critical Medical Episode", Dies on Route to Scene

Fire Chief Suffers "Critical Medical Episode", Dies on Route to Scene

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March 07, 2010

THE FORKS, Maine — A man who crashed his snowmobile into a tree in Maine has died — along with a fire department chief who was on his way to rescue him.

The Maine Warden Service says Jason Dodge was snowmobiling with his brother Friday night when he crashed into a fir tree on a groomed trail in The Forks, an area noted for its camping and other outdoor activities

The warden service says the 37-year-old Dodge was wearing a helmet but suffered head and internal injuries when he lost control on a turn and hit the tree head-on.

The Forks fire Chief Brian Rowe was driving to the scene when he suffered what authorities call a “critical medical episode.” Emergency crews that had been at the snowmobile crash responded but couldn’t save the 66-year-old fire chief.

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