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Firefighter Caught Cheating on Promotions Test Gets Promoted

Firefighter Caught Cheating on Promotions Test Gets Promoted

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February 25, 2010

ORLANDO, FL – An announcement regarding an Orlando firefighter who was caught cheating on a promotions test has his department in a frenzy: he’s getting a promotion.

Two years ago, Orlando Assistant Fire Chief Rudy Johnson said he didn’t cheat after listening in on radio transmissions for advanced information on the promotions test.

Johnson claims that it was broadcast over open air, and therefor the cheating accusations were invalid.

He then said his managers told him to lie.

“If we just tell them we didn’t violate rules or break any rules, it’s over. They were more concerned about the image of the fire department than the truth,” he said.

As a result, Johnson was suspended and demoted one rank and re-assigned to the public information office.

This week, however, Johnson was put in charge of a whole shift of more than 100 firefighters by the Orlando Fire Chief.

There are several firefighters currently claiming unfair treatment, and believe he shouldn’t have been given this new responsibility.

Currently Johnson is developing his skills for an even higher position.

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