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Four-Legged Friend Rescued from Snowy Storm Drain by Firefighters

Four-Legged Friend Rescued from Snowy Storm Drain by Firefighters

The dog was described as having a "friendly disposition." (Courtesy of Mark Brady/Prince George's County Fire and EMS)

Associated Press

February 17, 2010

LAUREL, Md. – Members from the Prince George’s County Technical Rescue Team rescued a dog that fell 25 feet into a snow-covered storm drain.

Fire department spokesman Mark Brady says the dog was rescued Tuesday afternoon at Clarke Avenue and Holly Street in Laurel.

Brady says a snow plow had apparently dislodged a manhole cover.

A Laurel resident nearly fell into the opening and was looking for something to cover the opening with when he heard a dog crying and called 911.

Members from the Technical Rescue Team – including people from the Tuxedo-Cheverly and Fort Washington Fire/EMS stations – set up a rope and pulley system and lowered a firefighter into the hole by way of a tripod.

The rescuer – who was in full protective gear – was able to reach the 40-pound dog and wrap it in a blanket and harness.

Brady says the rescuer described the dog as having a “friendly disposition.”

The dog, who was cold and wet, was lifted and sent with animal control officers to a shelter. Brady says it appears the dog is a 5-year-old chow-lab mix. He says the dog had no tags.

Anyone with information about the dog’s owner is encouraged to contact the Animal Control Facility at 301-780-7200.

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