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City Worries Over Paramedic Funding

City Worries Over Paramedic Funding

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal via YellowBrix

February 09, 2010

And, Walker added, “things should only be passed on if they come with funding attached.” That goes for county highways as well as paramedics, he said. Discussion about shifting control of county parks has focused on an independent parks district, not on giving them to municipalities, Walker noted.

Also at the meeting, County Treasurer Dan Diliberti defended the role of county government, saying it streamlined services and saved money by avoiding duplication.

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke replied that the county had a chance to play the role Diliberti outlined, but “it sort of blew it. . . . I’m just personally not prepared to give the county another shot.”

St. Francis Mayor Al Richards lashed out at County Board Chairman Lee Holloway’s support for merging municipal health departments into a county agency. Richards called Holloway’s comments “divisive,” and compared them to the city-suburban tensions in the days of former Milwaukee mayors Henry Maier and John O. Norquist.

Terry Cooley, the board’s chief of staff, said later that Holloway was simply advocating the economies of scale that other counties achieve through their countywide health departments.

The council named Taylor, Neitzke, Glendale Mayor Jerome Tepper, Greendale Village President John Hermes and Shorewood Village President Guy Johnson to discuss options for the county’s future with the Greater Milwaukee Committee and county officials.

In another matter, the council went on record opposing a state proposal to shift property tax assessments from municipal and town governments to counties. Zepecki said the plan would needlessly increase costs.

Diliberti and Milwaukee city lobbyist Jennifer Gonda said the state Department of Revenue already had abandoned the plan and was now advocating assessment consortia for towns only. But Zepecki said it was municipal opposition that made the department back down.

The council approved Zepecki’s resolution 14-1, with Gonda opposed.