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2 Killed In Another DC Metro Crash [Video]

2 Killed In Another DC Metro Crash [Video]

January 26, 2010

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Two Metro workers are dead after an early morning accident near the Rockville Metrorail station.

Metro says there will be no Red Line train service between the Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail stations Tuesday morning. Trains are operating between the Glenmont and Twinbrook.

Metro is encouraging riders to use the Twinbrook and Grosvenor-Strathmore Metrorail stations.

Riders should expect long waits for the free shuttle bus service that’s being offered at the Shady Grove, Rockville and Twinbrook Metrorail stations.

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Typically, a shuttle bus can carry 50 people, compared with a six-car train that typically holds 700 to 800.

People who normally drive to Shady Grove and Rockville to park and ride the rails should use another Metro lot.

The two men who were killed were struck by a high rail truck. A high rail truck is a large truck equipped with special wheels that allow it to drive on the track when electricity that usually powers trains is taken down.

Initially, Metro said the workers were struck by a prime mover, a diesel-powered piece of equipment used to move heavy equipment.

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“The first one died immediately at the scene, and then the second one was transported to an area hospital, but he has since passed away,” Metro spokeswoman Angela Gates tells WTOP.

The accident occurred about 1:45 a.m. as the automatic train technicians worked to install new train control equipment in the track bed along an outbound section of track on the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove.

Metro will not release the identities of the workers until their families are notified.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Tri-State Oversight Committee have been notified about the accident. The NTSB will likely investigate.

Metro has been plagued by problems in the past year — everything from the deadliest crash in its history to equipment problems to suicides on Metro tracks.