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Oh Deer: 10-12 Point Buck Breaks Into, Damages Home

Oh Deer: 10-12 Point Buck Breaks Into, Damages Home

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January 25, 2010

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) – An Illinois man says it didn’t take him long to decide not to mess with the uninvited, antlered guest he found in his kitchen.

Belleville resident Mark Page and his wife were sleeping Saturday when the sound of breaking glass and – was that hooves? – woke them up.

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Page went downstairs to find a 10-to-12 point buck in the kitchen with its head in the sink.

He says he looked at the animal for “not even a fraction of a second” before turning tail and heading back upstairs. He says he doesn’t mess with deer, especially big ones.

The animal also was spooked and barreled through a closed window to escape.

Page says the deer jumped through a different window to get into his home.

He says the animal was injured, but police couldn’t find it.

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