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John Flores

Albuquerque, NM
Firefighter / Company Officer
Retired / Former


Fishing, Hunting, Writing
Favorite Movies:
M*A*S*H, Battle Circus, Gladiator, Dr. Strangelove.
Favorite TV Shows:
Andy Griffith, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, M*A*S*H,
Favorite Music:
Rock, some country, New Age, Jazz, Soul

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January 25
kingrancher commented on: "Aundrea Lopez".

"Hi: Yes, I like creative writing a lot but haven't written a novel yet though I have done some short stories in the past--not published though. Jus..."

kingrancher commented on: "Aundrea Lopez".

"Hi: I just read your profile. So you are a firefighter. I should have read that earlier.
I am a writer now, and am definitely a reader of literatu..."

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  • 1a-1_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Well currently, I'm working on a historical ficition piece about the Civil War and the relationship of a slave owner and a slave. I'm also working on something to do with the American Revolution. Ya, most of the fires i hear about are in the south. I live in the central valley with all the cows and the goats and the sheeps lol, not very exciting. But I try to keep myself occupied

  • 1a-1_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    Thanks for acccepting my friendship invitation! Always a pleasure to meet someone new. Yes, I am in the process of signing up as a paid on call firefighter, one of my biggest dreams. I have an obession for life right now and doing everything i can in it, everything ive ever dreamed of doing i do. Firefighting is something im pursuing until I accomplish my ultimate goal, teaching US history. I myself love to write too, though ive never been published. Before you had messaged me I was actually working on one of my books. From what you've described to me, I'm inferring you have a taste in writing historical fiction. My favorite genre to write. :)
    -Aundrea Lopez