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July 23
burnsurvivorfrom1974 joined the group "Mission Teddy Bear".

Mission Teddy Bear

May 09
burnsurvivorfrom1974 joined the group "Firehouse Dogs".

Firehouse Dogs

April 09
burnsurvivorfrom1974 was tagged as "Wolfmans hero and a survivor" by wolfman1959.
February 07
burnsurvivorfrom1974 commented on the video "Cell phone & gas".

"My name is Danny M. Hammond and I became a burn survivor from a "flame burn" in a fiery car crash in 1974 at age 19.There was a fatality(18 year ol..."

February 05
burnsurvivorfrom1974 joined the group "Safety Officers".

Safety Officers

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  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 7 years ago


    You are an inspiration to me as a firefighter and your story wants me to do everything that I can to help more people. There are people who wants to just give up and they shouldn't. There are many heroes in our community and you are one of my because you didn't allow a bad situation get you down. May God Bless you everyday.