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What Level of Hazmat are You? taken over 7 years ago

Haz-Mat Specialist


What Fire are You Fit to Fight? taken over 7 years ago

High Risk Responder


What is your Firefighter IQ? taken over 7 years ago

51-75% correct

Neil Strause

Reading, PA
Assistant / Deputy Chief
Volunteer has access to First Responder restricted areas. Click on the patch icon to request restricted access.


Hunting, Nascar, outdoor stuff
Favorite Movies:
James Bond flicks, Nickolas Cage movies, Jack Nicholson's movies
Favorite TV Shows:
Deadlist Catch, NCIS, Burn Notice
Favorite Music:
just about anything but opera and rap

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  • 2010_093_max50


    over 1 year ago


  • Me_at_art_millers_funeral


    over 3 years ago

    As you can see I've been a bad boy and haven't been on in a while. Sounds like some very positive changes, congrats. I got talked back into wearing one of those colored lids again lol. 1st Lt. of rescue. Stay safe brother.

  • Images_max50


    almost 4 years ago

    Great to hear from you! Best of Luck!! Take Care!!!

  • Img_0388_max50


    over 4 years ago

    Some big changes since I was here last. First change was the purchase of two Pierce Velocity pumpers, second change was the retirement of our commissioner and the hire of a new one, third, we changed our name from the Twp of Spring Vol Fire Dept to Twp of Spring Fire Rescue Service, fourth (and the hits keep coming) the lease of two officers vehicles. All the changes were welcomed by most of the membership and we are looking for a brighter future ahead. Check us out at

  • 100_1091_max50


    almost 6 years ago

    how you been doing

  • 100_1091_max50


    about 6 years ago

    how are things going

  • Me_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello and to let you know that I had open heart surgery. I am doing great now. Its been 16 days and I am already walking 1 mile a day but it was a close call I was on the vent for 4 days they did not expect me to make it. But here I am can't hold me down to mule headed for that. Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and have not forgot about any of ya'll. Be safe brother

  • Me_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Hi Neil, Glad you are doing good. I am going back to the DR in the morning. Still having problems with my heart. I know there is something wrong but the test did not show much. But the heart flutters when I start moring around. Keep intouch. Be Safe Brother

  • Me_at_art_millers_funeral


    over 6 years ago

    Hi Neil hope all is well.

  • Me_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Hi Brother, It's been a while since I have been on line. But I am back. Hope all is well for you. Thanks for checking up on me it is appreciated. Hope you have a gret week. Stay safe and Becareful

  • Picture_or_video_150_max600_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Hey, thanks, I am doing OK. How about yourself?? :)

  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    over 6 years ago

    Hello, have a nice week...

  • 6576_1112527170182_1136977485_30287389_8375366_s_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Thanks Neil Stay cool SR

  • U_s_forest_crew_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Stopped by to say hi. It's been hot which is strange for the U P of Michigan. Other than that all is fine. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay cool.

  • 911-flag_max50


    over 6 years ago

    hey bro! what's going on? been dealing with the weather. it's not too bad. could be worse. fought a 4 alarmer a couple weeks ago. that sucked! lol been staying cool by riding my new motorcycle.