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Rich Frye

Burbank, CA
Trade / Professional Organizaton
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship


Fishing, Cooking, Custom knife making
Favorite Movies:
Full Metal Jacket, The cowboys
Favorite TV Shows:
Oreilly, Beck, Hannity
Favorite Music:

RGFrye: Activity

November 05
RGFrye gave a thumbs down to The Article "Fort Hood Death Toll Climbs to 12 - UPDATED".
RGFrye posted in: "Marine Corps Birthday".

I was'nt a Marine, But Happy Bday to the corps. Taking the day off and going to the Cemetery for Veterans Day then to a party at the American Legion.

RGFrye posted in: "looking to move out west, help!".

Hey Guys, Check out Northern Nevada. Namely Tahoe, Carson City, Fallon. All of these places are relly great. North Nevada has alot of rural areas w...

November 04
RGFrye received the quiz result of "You handle danger with Courage".
RGFrye posted in: "FRIEND or FOE".

I am not a FF. I am a owner of a Heavy equipment company and I know what you mean . The person that broke me in always said Lead by Example. There ...

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