Headset: Quiz Results


Attica, NY
Firefighter / Company Officer


Fishing, Cooking, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Skating, Dancing, Quad Mud Riding
Favorite Movies:
Felix the Cat, The Rogue Stallion, Comedy's
Favorite TV Shows:
CSI, DEA, Chicago Fire, Food Network Challenges
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock, (from my head), Country (from my heart) Blues (from Skating) Moody Blues (anything!)

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  • Img_0388_max50


    over 6 years ago

    Just checking in and hoping your enjoying the hot weather, Stay Coool!

  • Dscf3827_max50


    over 6 years ago

    hello hows it going ? i havent been on here for a month. thanks for the commentws hope you have a great day Lenny

  • Me_at_art_millers_funeral


    almost 7 years ago

    The rabbit will not die here unfortunately lmao. You are killing me with this (on your kness) stuff lmao. Congrats on your B darlin. Ironic how we will find out about the same time too lol.

  • Me_at_art_millers_funeral


    almost 7 years ago

    You can be on top anytime darlin lmao. Tonight is the written final then a 6 week wait for the results. You must be a gltten for punishment taking more classes lol. I'm sure your grades will be fine hun. Let me know how you do. Have a fantastic day. :D

  • Picture_or_video_150_max600_max50


    almost 7 years ago

    Hey girl, it has been a long time!!! Hope that you are doing OK and that you have had an awesome weekend. STAY SAFE!

  • Me_and_mig_2__a_max50


    almost 7 years ago

    Hey Sweety!!! I know it's been awhile......I've been in sort of a tailspin since I returned home. I will fill you in as soon as thing's settle down with me.
    Hope that your doing well, I see you still have your nose to the grindstone in your studies.......BTW......how's your knee holding up? Take Care, Stay safe and have a great holiday weekend my friend. Miss You too Sweetheart!!

  • 032001951141_02__max50


    almost 7 years ago

    Hey there how you been? Just stoping in to say WAZZZ UP!!!!!!!!!!! Be safe and have a good one

  • Kevin_fire_pics


    almost 7 years ago

    hope the easter bunny sends you something cute and warm.

  • 6576_1112527170182_1136977485_30287389_8375366_s_max50


    about 7 years ago

    Thanks T I have not been on much trying to help JR out at 45 one of there LT past away last week. But every one is good. Thanks T stay safe SR.

  • Picture_002_max50


    about 7 years ago

    hey there just stopped to say hi and see how things are going

  • Penguins_max50


    about 7 years ago

    Hi heidi!,
    Good to hear from you.

    You, too, keep out of trouble. (although I know that is a much more difficult thing for you) LOL.

    Buried under lots of snow still?

    Mike g.

  • Front02212008_max50


    about 7 years ago

    So how have you been doing?

  • Me_at_art_millers_funeral


    about 7 years ago

    I hope its you coming to show me how to cut wood. he, he, he O_o

  • Me_max50


    about 7 years ago

    Hello Headset, How are you doing? watching any Olympics? stay safe and keep in touch. :)

  • Images_max50


    about 7 years ago

    Hey! You are closing in on 5 Stars!! Way to go!!!