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FFJohnAllen: Quiz Results


Do You Know The Difference Between an EMT and a Paramedic? taken over 6 years ago

You're an Expert!


Tools of the Trade taken over 6 years ago

You Know Your Tools!

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John Allen

New Century, KS
Firefighter / Company Officer
Career (Fed/State/Local) has access to First Responder restricted areas. Click on the patch icon to request restricted access.
Relationship Status:


Favorite Music:
Love listening to blues and playing the blues.

FFJohnAllen: Activity

June 16
FFJohnAllen commented on: "Elderly Millionaire Assaulted Paramedic on Private Jet".

"Money makes good people better and bad people worse"

May 09
FFJohnAllen commented on: "Camera Catches Oklahoma Wife Setting Fire".

"Divorce lawyers are reportedly lined up to the house"

February 16
FFJohnAllen commented on: "Taxi Cab Explosion".

"Ditto here.....and I'm guessing some magnesium got a little hot in the taxi?"

January 21
FFJohnAllen gave a thumbs up to The Post "Firehouse Fitness".
January 07
FFJohnAllen posted in: "Firehouse Fitness".

 The day after posting this question we were advised that working out off duty at the stations was reinstated;)  Thanks for your reply as...

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