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Bamaboi: Quiz Results


What Kind of Fire Apparatus Are You? taken over 5 years ago

You'd Be a Horse-Drawn Steam Engine

Bamaboi: Gifts


Eric Gillotti

Mobile, AL
Paramedic / EMT
Relationship Status:


Fishing, Hunting,
Favorite Movies:
Ladder 49, Patch Adams, anything John Wayne or Clint Eastwood
Favorite TV Shows:
Rescue Me, ER reruns, NCIS, Greek, Reaper, Royal Pains, Trama LIfe in the ER, Untold stories of the ER,
Favorite Music:
Country and Rock and everynow and then some other stuff.

Bamaboi: Activity

November 22
Bamaboi submitted the article: "EMS students train for Disaster".
October 15
Bamaboi commented on: "City Fire Department Can't Afford to Accept Federal Grant...".

"Sounds like mobile! We had a grant that the dept would have to keep all companies on duty andhire so many new ones but they hired half of the amoun..."

October 08
Bamaboi commented on: "VFD That Lost Station in Fire Asks Community for Support".

"Tough to hear we have vol dept lost a station and rigs a few weeks ago and its hard on them in rural areas covering what that is there"

October 06
Bamaboi commented on: "FFs Let Home Burn After Fire Protection Fees Left Unpaid".

"I read this story and the one about the 2 off duty firefighters on a campaign who fought off a fire with a garden hose. Between the two stories I b..."

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