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Faceoff: Which Sex Has It Better?

Faceoff: Which Sex Has It Better?

Tania and Zac duke it out!

Tania Khadder and Zac Frank

Gender stereotypes abound. But there’s no doubt about it – men and women are different. And we’ve all wondered, at one point or another, what life was like for the opposite sex.

With so much misunderstanding between the sexes, we set out to dispel the myths and separate fact from fiction. Except, we’re shaking things up a little. Instead of the fourth grade approach (“Girls rule! Boys Drool!” “Girls have cooties!”) that somehow persists into adulthood, our writers will explore the advantages of the opposite sex.

Zac Frank found ten benefits to being a woman and Tania Khadder dissected ten ways it’s better to be a man. Along the way, they discovered some real differences that might surprise you.


10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be a Woman
10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be a Man