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10 Reasons Why It's Better To Be a Woman

Zac Frank

5. You have more fashion choices.

Men’s fashion range is much more limited than women. In Sex and Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress Anne Hollander turns her critical eye on style’s gender divide. Women’s wear, she argues, still has an element of the costume, allowing many more sartorial selections. Women can add decorative flare like earrings and necklaces. The buttons on their jackets can be huge or tiny. Dresses and skirts (and even women’s pants) have a million different iterations of length and flare. A woman can wear a blouse with a bright floral print and no one will flinch. What’s more, they can do all of this and still look professional. Men’s attire is the opposite and quintessentially modern with form closely following function. Sure, a man’s suit can have two buttons or three, a shirt can be striped or solid, and shoes brown or black. But if a man walked into a meeting wearing a suit made from chiffon with ruffles, his professionalism might come into question.

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