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Rising Food Costs in a Recession

Rising Food Costs in a Recession

K McCaskey

Everything from the price of gasoline to the midwestern floods will affect your grocery bill in coming months.

The cost of celery is up 106%. Not surprisingly: the cost of meat is kept artificially low thanks to massive lobbyist subsidies. Lesson: eat fewer lentils and more tangerines.

Do you need solutions to food cost increases?

Get a grip on your budget. Know how much you can spend so you do not endanger your ability to pay for other necessities like housing. A good budget will stretch and maximize your available dollars. At you can set up personalized spending targets.

Buy in bulk/buy items with less packaging. Bulk purchases are consistently cheaper. So are purchases of items with less packaging.

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Buy seasonal items and freeze or can them for later. Summer is a great time to load up on fresh fruits and veggies. Freeze them for use later on when seasonal changes force prices up further. If you know how to can veggies you’re ahead of the game (teach me!).

Consider planting a WWII-style “Victory Garden”. Whether you live in urban or rural environments a few food-bearing, or herb-bearing plants are possible. It’s not too late for items like lettuce you can grow in a sunny window.