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    Insider's Look at Smokejumping

    Insider's Look at Smokejumping
    Smokejumpers are highly trained wildfire firefighters deployed to remote locations. They are parachuted in to to secure fires otherwise unreachable by local forces. By making use of high-altitude aircraft, smokejumpers are able to reach fires faster, cheaper, and better equipped than any road-bound vehicle. Because smokejumping forces are limited to small teams, most of us don't get a chance to see ...
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    The 411 on Fire Science Degrees

    The 411 on Fire Science Degrees
    The fire science degree is an enigma to some, mainly due to the fact that firefighters for many years were not expected to have higher education. But as demand for positions increase, so does the quality of candidates. Firefighters are no longer competing amongst high school graduates, but candidates with associate and bachelor degrees as well. FireLink has recently partnered with ...
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    10 Most Stable Cities for Firefighters in 2010

    2009 was a rough year for America as a whole, but the public service sector felt it the most. Unfortunately, 2010 isn't looking much better. As budget cuts continue to cut jobs, it’s more important than ever to get the most bang for your buck. And there’s no question about it — when it comes to value, not every U.S. city ...
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    Complete Guide to Accredited Fire Schools

    Complete Guide to Accredited Fire Schools
    In response to a large number of questions we receive about fire academies, we have adapted a list of schools accredited by the National Fire Academy (NFA). These schools are categorized by college-based training, associate's degrees, degrees at a distance program, bachelor's degrees, and graduate degrees. The programs listed below will be supplemented in the near future by national accrediting associations ...
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