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Answers to the Could You Graduate From High School? Quiz

Answers to the Could You Graduate From High School? Quiz

1) If you see an apparition, you’ve seen a:
Ghost – Correct answer!
Kind of house

2) You got chastised because you:
Did something right
Did something strange
Did something wrong – Correct answer!

3) Something that is indubitable is:
Certain – Correct answer!

4) Pathos encourages:
Pity – Correct answer!

5) A rational equation can be solved by:
Cross-multiplying – Correct answer!
Dividing by zero

6) Which is not a polynomial?
x2 − 4x + 7
2x − 4x/x + 7 – Correct answer!
x2 − 4 + 7x2

7) Standard deviation is:
A statistically derived specified distance from the mean – Correct answer!
The spread of the numbers in relation to the mean
The statistically derived center of a bell curve

8) Force changes an object’s:
Velocity – Correct answer!

9) What happens to light in a gravitational field?
It bends – Correct answer!
It speeds up

10) The atomic number is:
The number of neutrons in an atom
The number of protons in an atom – Correct answer!
The number of electrons in an atom

11) Which is not a form of government?
Military junta
Macropartisanship – Correct answer!

12) Which is a famous Supreme Court case?
Miranda vs. Colorado
Marbury vs. Madison – Correct answer!
Monticello vs. Columbia

13) The US federal government gets most of its money from:
Personal income tax – Correct answer!
Corporate income tax
Sales taxes

14) What does your bank do with money you deposit?
Loan it out to other customers – Correct answer!
Keep it in the vault
Invest it in the stock market

15) The Federal Reserve cannot:
Sell government securities
Set the interest rate
Raise and lower taxes – Correct answer!

Thanks for taking Firelink’s Could You Graduate High School? quiz and we hope you learned something!

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