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Test Day Jitters? Try These Tips

Test Day Jitters? Try These Tips

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Stay focused during the test

“During a test, my mind definitely wanders off. It happens all the time,” reports Charlene Choy, who graduated in 2005 from Radford High in Honolulu. “To force myself back into reality, I literally pinch myself, and afterwards I take a few deep breaths.”

“I don’t like long tests. If I get really caught up, then I pause for 10 to 20 seconds, close my eyes for a second and try to calm down,” adds Daily.

“I make sure to answer the questions that I am 100 percent positive of first and skip over those I’m not sure of, so as to not dwell on the idea that I’m a complete failure,” advises Duffy. “Once you realize that you’re capable of more than you thought, this will give you the morale boost to keep your confidence going.”

Turn to music

Choate listens to soft music while he studies. “This helps me remember things that I might not have remembered because my favorite music helps me relax.”

Choy substantiates this claim: “Music usually does the job to calm me. I listen to music and play the piano before the test day or the morning of the test.”

Jennifer Nyguen, from Lynbrook High in San Jose, California, relaxes before a test by playing the piano. “I suggest bringing your CD player or iPod with you before taking the test, and listen to music that calms you while waiting in line to be checked in,” assents Robinson.

Bring a talisman

“Bring something that comforts you, such as a small stuffed animal, your favorite picture or your boyfriend/girlfriend’s sweatshirt,” says Robinson. “It reminds you that there are things more important than a test, and that this one test will not, in fact, determine your future.”