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Test Day Jitters? Try These Tips

Test Day Jitters? Try These Tips

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Q: “I get so nervous before a test. What can I do?”

A: “The first time I took my EMT test, I was so nervous, I couldn’t even remember what year it was,” says Lindy Robinson, who graduated in 2005 from the Detroit Country Day School in Michigan. “I’m not kidding! My hands began to shake right before time was called, and it was harder for me to write.”

Test jitters affect almost every student at some point. Here’s what some students do to overcome those butterflies.

Learn the test

“Start early. And take as many practice tests as you can,” advises Kelsey Daily, a 2005 grad of Columbus East High in Columbus, Indiana.

“Knowing the format for the test makes the experience much less nerve-wracking because you are comfortable with the setup of the test,” acknowledges Robinson.

Relax before the test

“One thing I learned early is that you have to calm down and relax before a big test or else you will make stupid mistakes. If I just relax, I can focus, and I find that is when I do my best,” says Larry Choate III, a recent grad from Auburn Riverside High in Washington.

Kaleigh Duffy from Deering High in Portland, Maine, adds, “The night before I take the test, I just stay in, relax, watch a movie, and try not to think about why I am getting up at 7 a.m. on a perfectly good Saturday morning. Find something to keep yourself entertained that is completely unrelated to the upcoming test.”

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