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Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering

Fire protection engineering is a unique profession that uses science and technology to protect people, property and businesses from destructive fires. This degree primarily focuses on the analysis of how fires affect people, buildings and property, and students can expect to learn technology related to design systems that control fires, alert people to dangers and provide means for escape. Fire protection engineers also work with architects, fire inspectors, engineers and public service professionals to better the community’s protection against fires, and make recommendations for cost effective fire protection solutions.

Students in the Fire Protection Engineering field can expect to evaluate buildings to pinpoint risks, investigate and learn how fire spreads, why protective measures failed, and how to design them more effectively.

Throughout the world, fire is a significant problem. An applicant with a bachelor’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering would be a strong candidate for any job related to fire and rescue, but especially jobs that protect the public with preventative measures.

Career Options:
• Fire Departments
• Consulting Engineering Firms
• Fire Equipment and Systems Manufacturers
• Government
• Research & Testing Laboratories

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