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Complete Guide to Accredited Fire Schools

Complete Guide to Accredited Fire Schools / USFA

In response to a large number of questions we receive about fire academies, we have adapted a list of schools accredited by the National Fire Academy (NFA). These schools are categorized by college-based training, associate’s degrees, degrees at a distance program, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees.

The programs listed below will be supplemented in the near future by national accrediting associations recommended by FireLink.


Note from the NFA on Institutional Accreditation


College-Based Training Programs

Missouri (1)
Pennsylvania (2)


Associate’s Degrees

Alaska (3)
Arkansas (1)
California (7)
Colorado (3)
Connecticut (1)
Delaware (1)
Florida (5)
Georgia (2)
Illinois (1)
Kansas (1)

Kentucky (1)
Louisiana (1)
Maine (1)
Maryland (2)
Michigan (3)
Missouri (1)
Nebraska (1)
New Jersey (4)
New York (1)
North Carolina (4)

Ohio (3)
Oklahoma (1)
Oregon (4)
Pennsylvania (4)
Rhode Island (2)
South Carolina (1)
Tennessee (3)
Texas (1)
Utah (1)
Vermont (1)

Virginia (3)
Washington (2)
Wyoming (1)
Canada (1)


Bachelor’s Degrees

Arizona (2)
Colorado (1)
Connecticut (1)
Florida (2)
Illinois (2)
Kentucky (1)
Maryland (1)
Massachusetts (1)
Minnesota (1)
New Jersey (1)

North Carolina (1)
Oklahoma (1)
Oregon (1)
Rhode Island (1)
Texas (2)
Utah (1)
Virginia (2)


Graduate Degrees

Arizona (2)
Connecticut (1)
Florida (1)
Illinois (1)
Kansas (1)
Kentucky (1)
Massachusetts (2)
New Mexico (1)
Oklahoma (2)

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