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Request Verified Status on FireLink

Request Verified Status on FireLink


The purpose of FireLink’s verified-only forums is to provide verified active and retired fire and rescue personnel with a secure location to discuss industry-sensitive topics, and to network with other members who are confirmed fire and rescue workers.

1. Who can access the restricted areas?

FireLink members with the following status are eligible to request access to restricted areas:

  • Active or retired career Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, etc.
  • Active or retired volunteer Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, etc.
  • Under extremely limited circumstances, other former first response personnel who demonstrate a compelling need

2. Who is not eligible for requesting access?

Non-sworn personnel of any type are not eligible to request restricted access. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dispatchers, crossing guards, and other civilian public service employees
  • Civilians

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3. How do I request access to restricted areas?

If you meet the criteria in Section 1, click here to request access to the restricted areas.

4. How will others know I am a verified first responder?

Once your request is approved, a verified icon will be added to your profile and will appear next to all of your discussion postings and comments throughout the site.

5. How do I know which forums and discussions are restricted?

The same verified icon that appears on your profile will also appear next to any forums, discussions, or groups that are restricted to verified first responders.

6. I see discussion postings in restricted areas by non-verified members. How did that happen?

Prior to March 1, 2010, all discussion boards were open to the public. Several of these public boards were converted to verified-only boards at that time. Any discussions or postings that previously existed in the converted boards were not removed and will remain, however, those who originally made them will not be able to make additional postings in the restricted forums or read any responses to their original post.

7. How do I request verification if I am a retired first responder?

If you are a retired first responder, or do not have a department email address, you can submit your request for verification by downloading faxing in this request form.