Lee Junkins

Lee joined the fire service in 1964 at the age of 18. He is a certified NREMT and specializes in Rope Rescue, Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and Auto Extrication. Lee is also founder of Mid-South Rescue Technologies, which develops and provides the highest quality fire, rescue, and public education training to the public service industry.

Vehicle Extrication: Is It Time to Change Our Training Yet?

Part 1: Airbag Explosions

Though it happens so fast that we do not realize what the explosion is at the time, most all firefighters have seen the results of a normal airbag deployment after a fire. Learn what happens when air bags explode, and how you can best try to determine the possible situation before it occurs.

Part 2: Exploding Hood Struts

Compressed Gas Struts, or Hood struts, can be found in nearly every vehicle nowadays. Because these struts are felled with compressed nitrogen gas, in the wrong situation they can become a metal spear flying directly at your body. Learn how to avoid being injured by these unpredictable parts.

Part 3: Fuel Tanks

Today, auto designers are forced to meet many safety, economic, and environmental standards. These three standards affect most every part of the vehicle including the fuel system. Ruptured fuel tanks, filler tubes, and fuel lines are major factors in post crash fire situations. Learn what you can do to protect yourself against these types of fires.

Part 4: Magnesium Fires

Magnesium is stronger and 1/3 lighter than aluminum and can be molded and machined into most any shape. Today manufacturers are using it for most all the brackets under the dash, transmission housings, wheels, and some as high as 45% of the engine parts. As firefighters you know that magnesium is one metal that will burn and once burning is extremely hard to extinguish, but do you really understand the dangers of a magnesium fire?

The Rescuers' Response to Hybrid Vehicles

Due to rumors and the natural human fear of the unknown, Lee Junkins attempts to sort out the facts from the fiction when it comes to handling hybrid vehicle fires.