Fire Investigator

Fire investigators are former firefighters who research the cause of fires. They collect evidence and interview witnesses in order to compile reports to determine whether a fire was caused by criminal negligence or arson. Fire investigators may be asked to testify in court or serve as expert witnesses. Fire investigators are often employed by the state, but may also serve police departments and insurance companies.

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Fire Inspector

Conducts inspection of existing businesses and new construction to verify compliance with fire safety regulations; research questions posed by the general public or by contractors regarding matters of fire safety; reviews construction plans to ensure all required fire safety equipment is provided; teaches various classes including fire extinguisher use, public fire safety, and juvenile fire setting; attends meetings dealing with a variety of topics including pre-construction, intelligence, and current fire safety and education topics.

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Fire Prevention Specialist

Under direction from the Fire Chief, the Fire Prevention Inspector issues fire permits, conducts fire permit inspections and fire education programs, identifies, investigates and resolves potential violations of municipal, state, national, and international laws, ordinances, codes and regulations including, but not limited to, building and fire codes and nuisance abatement regulations, and provides information and general assistance to business owners, homeowners, tenants, and the public.

This classification is distinguished by the performance of tasks that include plan review, administration of fire prevention programs, conducts routine fire inspections as needed in the community, oversees new construction and alterations and performs related duties as required.

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Forest Fire Inspector and Prevention Specialist

Forest fire inspector and prevention specialists determine the cause of forest fires and also research various ways forest fires can be prevented. These men and women interview witnesses, collect evidence, and write reports in order to understand the cause of a forest fire so that future fires can be avoided. Forest fire inspector and prevention specialists also help to enforce fire regulations and inspect forests for potential fire hazards.

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