Train Like the FDNY: Practice Written Exam

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This Quiz has been distributed to help candidates prepare for the New York City Firefighter's Examination. It is taken directly from the official FDNY study guide. The abilities tested within these 30 questions include such areas as memorization, spatial orientation, written comprehension and problem sensitivity.

IMPORTANT: Do not proceed before reading the following instructions! The first few questions of this quiz require you to study a picture for five minutes. Set a timer for five minutes and study the image before you. Set the timer for five minutes again, and begin your "hold" period. The "hold" period is a time for you to think about the image you've just seen. After you've completed your five minute study and five minute "hold" periods, close the window and do not re-open it.


  • 1.

    Consider the following picture for five minutes. After five minutes close the window, and think about what you've seen for another five minutes.


    When you have completed your five minute study and five minute "hold," proceed to answer questions 1 through 5. BUT DO NOT LOOK BACK AT THE PICTURE.

    The fire is located on the...

  • 2.

    The hydrant on the sidewalk is...

  • 3.

    There is a person on a fire escape on the...

People are visible in the windows in the front of the building on fire on the...