Paramedics are first responders for emergencies such as automobile accidents, heart attacks, drownings, childbirth, gunshot wounds, and all other medical situations that would require immediate attention. Often working closely with law enforcement and the fire department personel, Paramedicss are dispatched to an emergency via a 911 operator. Paramedics are qualified to treat minor injuries, and for more serious trauma, they are trained in keeping a victim in stable condition during transportation to a hospital. Paramedics work in all conditions and the job often entails considerable kneeling, bending and heavy lifting. While not only physical taxing, the job can also be emotionally stressful, exciting and challenging.

The difference between an EMT and a Paramedic is that Paramedics require a higher level of certification. Paramedics usually complete around 1,200 – 1,800 hours of training and are often awarded with two-year degrees. Another distinction between the two is that Paramedics are allowed to ‘break the skin.’ A normal EMT can only administer basic life-saving techniques whereas Paramedics are trained to use between 30 and 40 medications and are allowed to give shots and intravenous lifelines.

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