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Fire Marshal

The local fire marshal is required to perform a variety of important duties. A Fire Marshal is the member of a fire department responsible for investigating fires. The Fire Marshall must make sure that everything in his / her jurisdiction is up-to-date with fire code. The local fire marshal is required to annually inspect all buildings and facilities of public service and occupancies regulated by State Fire Safety Code.

Other duties of a Fire Marshall may include:

Investigating the cause, origin and circumstance of all fires within their jurisdiction, and reporting the same to the State Fire Marshal in the designated format.

Issuing permits for the use, transportation and storage of explosives in compliance with State Explosives Regulations.

Enforcing statute regulating the installation and use of space heaters.

Inspecting all flammable and combustible liquids storage tank installations for compliance with Flammable and Combustible Liquids regulations.

Conducting site inspection of all fireworks and special effects displays for compliance with applicable State legislation. Also make the determination of the amount of fire protection and extinguishing equipment to be on site.

Fire Marshals also must attend schools and seminars to keep abreast of the codes, regulations and new technology.

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