Fire Chief

A Fire Chief’s main responsibility is to keep local government officials fully informed of the fire department’s proficiency relative to the dangers of the community, while at the same time acting as the leader of his or her fire department. The Fire Chief must oversee all the services of the fire department; which include but are not limited to: medical emergencies, fire control and containment, rescue services, fire prevention education and code enforcement. The Fire Chief must also serve as the liaison between the fire department and the community. Finally, the Fire Chief is responsible for the department’s comprehensive growth plans, personnel, fire rating, fiscal budgets, safety and all other legal issues.

To be a Fire Chief, one must first be a firefighter. Firefighter applicants must pass a written test, strength test (which also includes stamina, coordination and agility) and a medical exam. One must be over the age of 18 and have a high school education or equivalent. Completion of fire science classes are recommended by not necessary.

Although a dangerous profession, Firefighters are an invaluable facet to every community.

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