Firefighters work within the community and are frequently the first responders to traffic accidents, medical emergencies, fires and other area crisis situations. At every emergency scene, firefighters perform specific tasks, as designated by their superior, to help calm the crisis. Firefighter’s tasks include but are not limited to: treating injuries, operating high-pressure hoses, salvaging parts of destroyed buildings, ventilating smoke-filled areas and rescuing trapped survivors. Firefighters work in a wide variety of locales, including industrial sites, suburban areas, urban cities, rural areas, grasslands and forests.

In the majority of agencies, firefighters spend the large amount of their time in the fire station. While daily workloads might vary, in some agencies, firefighters are on duty for 24 hours, the off for 48 hours while receiving an extra day off at certain periods. Another option is to have a day shift of 10 hours for three or four days, a night shift of 14 hours for three or four nights followed by three or four days off. This is not to say that firefighters don’t also work extra hours.

Firefighter applicants must pass a written test, strength test (which also includes stamina, coordination and agility) and a medical exam. One must be over the age of 18 and have a high school education or equivalent. Completion of fire science classes are recommended by not necessary.

Although a dangerous profession, Firefighters are an invaluable facet to every community.

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