Top Ten Highest Paying States for Firefighters: Florida

The current median hourly salary for a Florida firefighter is $19.15.

To be a career Firefighter in the State of Florida, an individual must submit an Application for Certification as a Firefighter II, and successfully complete the Firefighter Minimum Standards Course, or have received an equivalent amount of training in another state (or country), and pass the state written and practical examinations, as required by State Statute.

The Firefighter Minimum Standards course consists of a minimum of 360-hours of training. The first 160-hours includes NFPA Firefighter I and Florida specific requirements. The following 200-hours includes NFPA Firefighter II and Florida specific requirements.

An individual who holds a Florida Firefighter One Certificate of Competency may enter the Firefighter Minimum Standards Course at the start of the Firefighter II training, if permissible by the Certified Training Center.

The Firefighter Minimum Standards Course is offered at numerous Certified Training Centers located throughout the state. Each training center has their own course and fee schedule. For further information, contact the training center of your choice.


The Firefighter Minimum Standards Equivalency Examination is offered to individuals who have received training in another state (or country), that is evaluated as equivalent to that required in Florida’s Firefighter Minimum Standards Course. To determine an individual’s eligibility for the Equivalency Examination, a two-part application process is required. The Preliminary Equivalency Application (DFS-K4-1309) is submitted to the Challenge Review Board, along with supporting documentation. Such documentation should be a transcript, by subject, of the hours spent in initial training. Upon review and approval of the training documentation by the Challenge Review Board, an application for the Equivalency Examination and Certification will be sent to the applicant. The Equivalency Examination is offered four times a year at the Florida State Fire College in Ocala. Please refer to the Testing Schedule for test dates.


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