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Interview Mistakes No Firefighter Should Make

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Did you exaggerate a little bit on your resume? Keep that to yourself! We don’t have to divulge all of our secrets. Your resume got you in the door and now you can finally prove yourself so don’t self-sabotage.

Other ways to sabotage yourself include mentioning that you are planning to have another child, moving out of town, have the itch to go back to school, or have any medical issues. You want to present yourself as low-maintenance and honest.

If you are interviewing at several other departments don’t tell the interviewer. Even though you may think this makes you more desirable, it can always backfire. You don’t want to notify your current department that you are looking for a job elsewhere unless you like the idea of walking around with a “Fire Me” sticker on your forehead. Keep your career moves to yourself and be smart about what you divulge.

Some Final Words Before You Walk into Your Interview…

Wait through the silence and lulls in your interview. You may feel uncomfortable during these gaps in conversation but if you feel you’ve answered the question, there is no need to ramble aimlessly since we know what that will get you…zero job offers. Finally, if you are asked, “What is the least favorite thing you like to do?” Do not answer, “Interview.” Okay, off you go, Good luck!

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