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Interview Mistakes No Firefighter Should Make

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

Acting Cocky Does Not Help You

It doesn’t bode well for you to walk into an interview as if you’ve already been hired. In order to impress the interviewer, never speak negatively about past coworkers or employers.

When asked about the internet security policies of a past employer, a candidate was quoted as saying , “Well, it was a stupid policy anyway.” Mentioning that your former employer was dumb in any way doesn’t show how superior you are. Instead, what an employer sees is that you are not a fiercely loyal worker, and that you bad-mouth others you work with.

One very important rule: During an interview do not bring up your potential salary. Candidates (who were not hired) have been known to start asking for a raise before even being offered a position! We all know that you are trying to get a job in order to make a living, just try not to be so transparent. Your interviewer wants to know that you have chosen to interview at their company because of the outstanding product or service they offer not just because you need a paycheck.

Also, applicants during an interview have been known to ask, “How soon can I transfer to a better job?” and even “Can I telecommute because the drive is too much in the morning?” As an interviewee you have to remain humble. The company is choosing you and not the other way around. On the flip side you don’t want to come off as unsure of yourself.

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