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15 Toughest Interview Questions (and Answers)

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

13. Describe a time when you did not get along with a co-worker.

Bad answer:
“I’m easy to get along with, so I’ve never had any kind of discord with another coworker.”

Interviewers don’t like these types of “easy out” answers. And besides, they know you are probably not telling the truth. Think of a relatively benign (but significant) instance, and spin it to be a positive learning experience.

Good answer:
“I used to lock heads with a fellow EMT. We disagreed over a lot of things – from the care of civilians to who got what shifts to how to speak with a victim’s family. Our personalities just didn’t mesh. After three months of arguing, I pulled her aside and asked her to lunch. At lunch, we talked about our differences and why we weren’t getting along. It turns out, it was all about communication. We communicated differently and once we knew that, we began to work well together. I really believe that talking a problem through with someone can help solve any issue.”

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