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Step 8: Contribute Additional Skills and Talents

Step 8: Contribute Additional Skills and Talents

Kendra Weikman & Luther Berge

It is important to bring productive personal skills to the table when you become a volunteer firefighter.

I know at my department, we have volunteers with backgrounds in electrical work, mechanics, plumbing and farming (yes, farming).

Volunteer departments will sometimes work on their own vehicles and equipment if the work is something that can be done at the station. This helps to cut costs and save money that can be put to better use on something else.

If you don’t have any technical skills don’t think you are off the hook. Every station has a list of chores that need to be done in order to keep the department clean and in order. This includes: cleaning, mowing the yard, (if you have one) snow and ice removal, and polishing the truck and other pieces of equipment. The station will be like a second home to you, and you will want to keep it just as clean if not cleaner.

In the end, there is always something to do to help your department out. A clean and open station allows for better times hanging out with your fellow firefighters, as well as presents good face to the public.

Step 9: Ask Questions