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Step 5: Be Aware of Your Limitations

Step 5: Be Aware of Your Limitations

Kendra Weikman & Luther Berge

This is an industry that can demand a lot from you. Not sometimes, but most of the time. Being aware of your limitations is a humbling skill that all firefighters should have.

Letting your officers know of any hesitations helps not only yourself, but your department as well. Knowing when to say, “I can’t” makes you more of a person for putting your own pride aside, and making the safety of your officers and brothers a priority.

Even with the proper training, certain tasks may not come to you right away. If you feel a responsibility is too much for you to handle at first, tell a superior officer.

Improving yourself and your firefighting skills will come with time. The more experience you have under your belt, the more confidence and exposure you will gain. This will help in reducing some of your initial hesitations and limitations.

Learn where you feel comfortable and where you don’t. Like any situation in life, it’s knowing how you can improve before actually doing it that counts.

Step 6: Be In Good Physical Condition