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Step 4: Mentally Prepare Yourself

Step 4: Mentally Prepare Yourself

Kendra Weikman & Luther Berge

At this point you have researched the industry, spoken with a few departments, and narrowed down your career path interests. Now you have to mentally prepare yourself for the job ahead.

We all know that life is not mimicked by what you see on television and in the movies. There are very real dangers and horrors that one in fire and rescue can, and will, experience.

If you are looking to pursue a paramedic or first response position, you have to be able to handle interactions with blood, body parts and fluid, violence victims, and even death.

Because of current budget limitations and constraints, departments may be looking for individuals who can work specific positions. If you know you cannot handle the responsibilities of those positions, speak up when going through the hiring discussions. It is far better to find a job that you can excel and enjoy than to take a position you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied in.

Make sure you get yourself into the right frame of mind, and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. Once you do that you can throw your whole self into the job and enjoy all the benefits that come from it.

Step 5: Be Aware of Your Limitations