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Step 1: Learn about the Fire and Rescue Industry

Step 1: Learn about the Fire and Rescue Industry

Kendra Weikman & Luther Berge

So you want to start a new career in the Fire and Rescue industry, but you don’t know where to begin?

The first step in becoming a volunteer firefighter is to research the industry.

For several hundred years volunteer firefighters have protected their communities. Because they rely heavily on donations and neighborhood involvement, a good chunk of a volunteer firefighter’s time is spent on fundraising. Popular fundraisers include bake sales, magazine sales, and auctions. The goal is to get the community involved in donating to the department.

An added benefit of hosting these events is the visibility departments receive, and the respect and appreciated from their communities.

Along with fundraising, it is important to understand the culture of the fire and rescue industry. You aren’t joining a business; you’re joining a brotherhood. Once you earn the trust and respect of your fellow firefighters, you will get to be a part of something unique and special.

So start your journey of becoming a volunteer firefighter in books, online or by talking to other volunteers. There are tons of resources out there to introduce you into the world of volunteer firefighting that you should take full advantage of.

Step 2: Desire