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Can YOU take the Heat?

Can YOU take the Heat?

1) Learn to Love it.

Your body is an amazingly adaptable machine. It can become accustomed to pretty much anything if you give it enough time. Unfortunately, we live in a world of air conditioning. Your body has the ability to increase it’s tolerance for hard work in high heat by a great margin, but the only way to do it is by actually working hard in high heat. By doing something frequently, your body will become more accustomed to it. You should be exercising already to maintain overall fitness, so take it out of the air conditioned gym and get into the summer heat. Do this only for as long as you are capable of, don’t kill yourself training and always respect your body’s limits.

During the winter you can try working out in a sweatsuit or other full body covering. Hell, if you don’t mind the neighbors seeing you, put on your bunker gear and do some household maintenance until you work up a good sweat. The point is— people usually succumb to heat stress when they’re in situations that are significantly more extreme than they are used to. Push yourself outside your job, when it isn’t an emergency, and you’ll be ready to tackle the hard stuff with a smile when the pressure is on.

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