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Firefighters: "Do the Right Thing"

Firefighters: "Do the Right Thing"

Ethan Vizitei

Ethan Vizitei

There are two points the chief really wanted to hammer home here:

1) You must always do the right thing.

Admittedly, if someone’s house is on fire, the right thing to do is to put the fire out; but another appropriate thing to do is to put salvage covers over the furniture and grab their wedding picture off the wall. If someone is in cardiac arrest, the right thing to do is to get there fast and perform CPR; but another thing to do is to have other responders (not the ones performing CPR) talk to, and comfort family members to the best of their ability. There is far more to each incident than the immediate emergency. It is always up to each firefighter to do the right thing for as many people as he or she can when they show up on scene.

2) If it’s not a habit, you’ll only do it sometimes.

Here’s the idea that makes point number one possible. The only things that you do all the time are things that are habits. Do you get up every morning and think, "should I brush my teeth?” No, of course not! You just get up and do it because it’s a habit. How did it become a habit? Well, when you were little, your parents made you brush your teeth every morning and over time it became automatic. That is why this lecture was given on day one of our training. It will be several months before we recruits are ready to fight fires and save lives, but you don’t need any equipment or training to do the right thing.

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