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Firefighter's Words

I mostly fight structure fires. I am a interior and exterior firefighting female. LOL. I gear up, and go in every chance I can get. A lot of people think we are crazy or nuts. We like running in a burning building while rats, and bugs, and people are running out. It’s a lot of hard work. The gear is hot, and heavy, and the equipment is heavy. But once you make it through FF training you learn to use it, and to just go do it. Then you start falling in love with it, and to know that your helping someone…sigh… that is the greatest feeling. No matter if its fighting fires or running med calls or wreck calls. Just to know you have done all that you can. To help someone else in need is a wonderful feeling inside your soul. Sometimes I can actually feel God smiling down on us at a call no matter how big or how small. We are a team we work together we risk our lives together. My Fire station is the greatest ever to me. I love all my Brothers & Sisters there. We’re Family.