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What It Takes To Land A Job

What It Takes To Land A Job

Battalion Chief Paul Lepore

If you already have all of the wallpaper (certificates and classes) and you are not scoring well, you have a serious problem. It’s time to seek some outside advice. Your best bet is to find as many people as you can to give you mock interviews. Hopefully someone can identify what you are doing wrong and stop you from spinning your wheels.

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If you scored below a 70% and this was your first or second exam, don’t worry, as it’s a long process. Continue taking fire science courses and learn as much as you can about the fire service. The more you understand about our culture and idiosyncrasies, the more you will be able to prove you are ready for the position.

The fire service is a unique occupation. There is no matrix to follow to ensure you will be offered a position. It’s actually the opposite. A candidate can have all of the horsepower known to mankind and still not be offered a position, while a candidate who has never taken a single class is offered a job on his or her first examination. To an outsider it may be quite perplexing. To an insider we all understand it is about being the person we all want to have on our crew. It really is not that complicated.