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Achieving Goals of Fitness and Health

Stew Smith, CSCS

Preparing for the Most Common Physical Fitness Training

Flexibility – Stretching is highly important to increasing scores on fitness tests as well as overall conditioning. Prevention of injuries through a steady flexibility routine before and after each fitness session will enable you to continue exercise and not have to stop your program due to pulled muscles or stiff joints. See the Stretching Plan in FREE 45 Day Plan eBook

Schedule – The final element of successful goal achievement is pacing fitness into your schedule. “If it is not in the schedule – IT does not exist.” An early AM workout is three times easier to accomplish versus a post work fitness session, due to daily conflicts that can easily occur to make you delay or cancel your workout. But as the days get longer during these Spring and Summer months, making that after work workout is a bit easier.

So, hang in there with your goals and keep chugging away – soon the days become weeks and the weeks become months. After a few months of exercise, eating properly, drinking more water, and stretching, you can be faster, stronger, and lose up to twenty pounds.

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