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Five Steps to Becoming a Firefighter Introduction

Five Steps to Becoming a Firefighter Introduction

Battalion Chief Paul Lepore

Human instinct is to run away from fire for fear of being injured or killed. Firefighters are the only ones who run toward a burning building in search of people in need of help. They are willing to risk their lives for complete strangers regardless of race, creed, color, or socioeconomic status. What is it that motivates them to do this?

Are firefighters blind to the true dangers of their job? Hardly. They are conditioned to perform even though they may be frightened or uncertain of their fate. Don’t believe for a moment that firefighters are not afraid of losing their lives. Seasoned firefighters have been in situations where they were in fear for their lives.

How can firefighters perform when the average person would be paralyzed with fear? Most firefighters will tell you it is just a matter of keeping your composure and getting the job done, coupled with outstanding training and the knowledge that you are surrounded by competent co-workers who are always looking out for you.

If your lifelong dream has been to become a firefighter, this 5-step guide will help prepare you for getting through the very hiring process.

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