FireLink Video Improvements

Last week we rolled out a major update to our video channel that should make it much easier to share videos on FireLink.

First and foremost, you should now be able to embed a video hosted on another site. So if you see something you like on YouTube and you’d like to pass it along to your friends on FireLink, simply copy the embed code off the YouTube page, or click the Menu button in the embeded YouTube player and click “Copy to Clipboard” under ’Embed."

Then head to the video upload page on FireLink, paste in that embed code, give your video a description and category, and click “Submit.” The process should be similar for videos from other sites that offer embeded players.

When you’re done, the video should appear in FireLink’s library where it’s easy to share with other members. Embeded videos from YouTube should automatically receive thumbnails through YouTube’s API. If you’re embeding video from another source, it will get a generic thumbnail, but you can always upload it normally like you used to.

I hope you enjoy our new video options. Give it a try and let us know if you encounter any problems.