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Step 4: Practice Interview Questions

Step 4: Practice Interview Questions

Battalion Chief Paul Lepore

It is important that you prepare questions you might be asked. Here are a few samples for Fire Captain. Type your answers into the text boxes. When you’re done, click “Print This Page” at the bottom, and print your answers for reference. (Note: if your answer has exceeded the size of the box, only the portion showing will print.)

Interview Questions for Fire Captain

1. Please describe your education, training, and experience as it relates to the position of Fire Captain.

2. How do you view the role of a Fire Captain?

3. If promoted to Fire Captain, what will you do to prevent harassment in the fire station?

4. What do you see as the greatest problem facing the San Diego Fire and Rescue department?

5. Please take a few minutes and outline the first meeting you would have with your crew. What issues would you discuss?

6. Describe your plan to train a probationary firefighter.

7. Describe the levels of discipline that a Captain may administer, and where the paperwork is to be filed in each example.

8. How would you manage an unmotivated firefighter?

9. You are a new Captain. You have been directed to plan a multicompany drill for your Battalion. What topic would you choose and how would you coordinate the training.

10. Describe your view of discipline.

11. You are a new Captain filling in for a Captain who is on vacation. You review the fire prevention records and find that the files are unorganized and the crew is well behind schedule on their inspections. You know this is against the department policy. How would you handle this situation? Would you report this to your Battalion Chief?

12. A firefighter on your crew receives a needle stick from a transient patient. Describe your actions.

13. We have covered everything we would like to. Is there anything you would like to add in closing?

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Note: if your answer has exceeded the size of the box, only the portion showing will print.

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